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Dunellen Today:
Dunellen is a small town with an area of approximately one square mile.   Though we may be a small town, we do have a lot to offer. There are 5 parks in our town, we have bus and train service, our own school system, a busy downtown section, close proximity to major highways, close to New York City, and within 40 miles to the Jersey shore.  All this comes with a small town atmosphere.  Our small town relies on volunteers to run most of our recreational sports programs and other events.  The crime rates are very low and we have our own volunteer fire department and rescue squad.   Dunellen, what a great place!  


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The Central Flyer coming into the Dunellen
Train Station Early 1900's

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Steam Locomotives were a common site in Dunellen

Brief History:
Dunellen grew from it's start in 1867.  The growth of our small town was directly related to the railroad station which wasn't called Dunellen until 1869.  At that time the tracks were level with North Avenue and the railroad was called The Elizabeth-Town & Somerville Railroad.  The railroad also brought industry to our town.  The large Art Color factory built in 1925 was Dunellen's principal industry and produced 10,000,000 magazines a month. 

Today we are a mix of downtown, residential and a little industrial still remains.

Picture & Information
Dunellen Board of Trade 1911
Story of Dunellen 1937

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