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Advertising on

All standard business listings are free.  If you would like a link to your website there is a $50.00 charge per year, or $15.00 per quarter.  If you are already an advertiser with, the link is free.  Paid listings will include information on your business, including full address, phone, fax, and email address.

Banners may be supplied by the advertiser or may be offered free of charge from   Free banners will be of a simple design, covering name, address, contact information, and product.  Banner size is negotiable, but standard sizes start at 150 X 150 pixels. Larger banners are available.   If you have a website, the banner will click directly to your website.   Advertisers may elect to have supply a banner or they may supply their own. 

Contact us today and your ad up tomorrow.

If you are a paid banner advertiser on, we offer coupons free of charge.  These are excellent for offering a special sale to the customer.  We like advertisers to use them as a way to trace their advertising.  Having a coupon offering a dollar or two off an item will be a great way to see what sales are coming from your advertising.  They would print out the coupon and submit it when they pay in your establishment.  We can accommodate most coupon designs.   Additional coupons may be purchased for $15.00 and are valid up till your renewal.

If you have a special event or sale you would like to post on the front page or sale page of, please contact us for a prompt quote.  

There is a page listing any special sales or offers from advertisers.  You will receive two sale listings for each Full Listing,  4 sale listings for each Banner Ad, all at no charge.  If you do not have art work related to the ad, we will work with you in providing and inexpensive ad for the sales page. 

Is your business lacking a website and you find that the design and hosting costs are too high.  Let set up a one page webpage for your.  The initial setup charge will run $40.00 to $150.00, depending on how much work your site requires.  We have pre-designed webpages with a variety of designs.  Cost to carry your page is only $80.00 per year.  If you need the website changed, it isn't a problem as you get two free changes each year.  If you need more than that, a small fee will be incurred.

 The website is a free form website, meaning that we may be able to accommodate something different than what is offered on the advertising breakdown page.  Should you need something different, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact us today to see how we can help.  Our advertising is setup to give you most for your investment.  Yes, costs are low, but promoting level is high.  You get a focused audience from Dunellen everyday. Besides our main opening page, the business page gets the most views than any other page.   This proves that the viewers are looking where to purchase something.