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Call 732-968-5455

METAL: Tin, steel, aluminum, & bimetal

GLASS: Bottles & Jars of all colors
PLASTIC: #1 PETE and #2 HDPE containers
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NEWSPAPER: Clean newspaper and inserts.
              No higher than 12" bundles.

MIXED PAPER: Magazines, junk mail, cereal
              boxes, and other non-wax coated
              food boxes, greeting cards, gift
              boxes, brown paper bags, office
              records, telephone books, file
              folders, and books without covers.

              cardboard with center shaped into
              ridges or grooves.  Maximum stack
              is 24" square.
TEXTILES: Clean, dry clothing or fabric,
              shoes, belts, and handbags. 12"
              square inches is maximum bundle.
             No rugs or comforters.             

All containers must be rinsed.  Items may             be crushed to conserve space.

Wednesday of month
Pickup Dates

Pickups are the first and third Wednesday of the month.   If there is a holiday, the pickup will be the following Saturday.

LEAVES: Collected weekly from October
               through December and April 
               through May.  Leaves must be
               bagged in the paper leaf bags that
               were provided to you by the
               borough, and then placed               
               curbside.    No other method of
               collecting will be used.  Paper leaf
               bags are available at the Recycling
               Center during normal business
               hours.    (Limit of 20 bags per
TREE LIMBS: Collected only during the
              months of MArch, April, and
              September.    Limbs should be no
              more than six inches in diameter
              and should be in bundles no longer
              than four feet.  Limbs, logs, and 
              roots can be dropped off at the
              Recycling Center.  Roots must be
              free of dirt.
             be brought to the Recycling Center
             either loose or bagged in paper or
             plastic bags.  Residents must empty
             grass clippings that are in plastic
             bags into the specific dumpster.
             Plastic bags may be reused or the
             resident may dispose of them in the
PAINT: Drop off the second Saturday of the               month.
HAZARDOUS WASTE: Drop-off is only        
            available at the following locations

Woodbridge Public Works
Middlesex Cty Road Dept.
Middlesex Cty College
Old Bridge Public Works
Directions (732) 745-4170


Located on Hall Street
Hours are 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Monday thru Saturday

All items collected curbside are accepted, as well as paint and paint-related products, white goods/appliances, scrap metal, auto batteries, auto motor oil, dry cell batteries, hard cover books, leaves, grass and brush.

Metal will be picked up by appointment on the third Wednesday of the month.

White goods/appliances are collected curbside by appointment only. No refridgerators or air conditioners.

Each fall we have a fall roll off so that residents can bring their junk to the Public Works yard for disposal.

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